Diversity & Inclusiveness

Number 11, October 2019

‘It’s a real balancing act for doctors at gender clinics’
Do young people who want to change gender have the unconditional right to medical treatment? Pediatric Endocrinologist Martine de Vries, who is also Professor of Medical Ethics, treats transgender children and adolescents.

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Column by Aya Ezawa, Diversity Officer at Leiden University
On 9 October we will celebrate the achievements of Isabel Hoving, the first Diversity Officer at Leiden University, and mark the transition to a new Diversity Officer and team. To mark the occasion, Professor Kalwant Bhopal (University of Birmingham) will give a lecture about the experiences of black and minority ethnic academics in higher education in the UK.

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‘An inclusive university begins with which books you choose’

Sociologist Aya Ezawa is the new Diversity Officer at Leiden University. What is the University doing well and what could it do better? ‘It’s taken much more for granted that universities should be a reflection of society. But this is also an area where we can still make progress.’

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Four years of women's network at the Faculty of Science

A valuable community of female researchers, providing solicited and unsolicited advice to the board of the Faculty of Science. Those are the strengths of women’s network RISE. On 11 September the network presented its second biennial report.

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New student initiative: IncLUsion

IncLUsion is a student initiative that enables refugees who are unable to join regular programmes to participate in BA and MA courses at Leiden University.

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News from the networks

The Middle East and North Africa Student Association (MENA) aims to represent Middle Eastern culture by promoting an inclusive vision of the region, a vision that includes gender, race and sexuality. We organise various social and cultural events that are open to all.

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New staff network: LUDEN

Leiden University Diversity and Equality Network (LUDEN) aims to promote an inclusive working and learning environment. It has a particular focus on race and ethnicity, while maintaining an intersectional perspective.

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