Diversity & Inclusiveness
  Number 12, December 2019
‘Diversity doesn’t appear at the wave of a magic wand’
If universities want to open their doors to more students and staff from minority groups, good intentions alone will not suffice. That is what Frank Tuitt, Diversity Officer at the University of Denver, has to say. He will speak at the University’s annual Diversity Symposium on 22 January 2020.
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How do we make our learning environment more inclusive?
Column by Aya Ezawa, Diversity Officer at Leiden University

A safe and inclusive learning and working environment is fundamental to our ability to develop and perform to our potential. The curriculum plays a central role here: it is the context within which ideas are developed and debated. That’s why our annual Diversity Symposium on 22 January, which is hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences this year, will focus specifically on how we all can contribute to a more inclusive learning environment. 
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Leiden student wins ECHO Loyens & Loeff Law & Tax Award
Leiden Business Law student Raz Ahmad has won the ECHO Loyens & Loeff Law & Tax Award 2019. The ECHO Awards are presented each year to excellent students in higher education with a non-western background.   Read more
The dream of inclusivity... and the harsh reality
‘When I started out, I could only dream of an inclusive university,’ said departing Diversity Officer Isabel Hoving at her leaving do on 9 October. ‘But this dream has come true in part. I only have to look at the audience here to see so.’   Read more
LUMC celebrates membership Workplace Pride on Coming Out Day
On Coming Out Day on Friday 11 October, the LUMC was the first university medical centre to join Workplace Pride. The membership agreement was signed by Willy Spaan, Chair of the Executive Board of the LUMC.
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