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  Number 14, May 2020
Leiden Inclusion Blog: What does inclusion mean to you?
The Diversity Office is launching the Leiden Inclusion Blog as a forum to share experiences and discuss current issues related to diversity and inclusion within the university community. Now is an particularly important moment to share our stories, listen, and recognise the diverse and intersectional realities of COVID-19. While we are all in this together, it may mean different things for different people

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Working from home as a (single) parent or carer
Column Aya Ezawa, Diversity Officer Leiden University

As schools are partially reopening, and some measures related to COVID-19 are being relaxed, it is becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic will impact our lives, work and careers in the long-term. What does a work-life balance mean in these unusual times?

On Friday 5 June from 10:00 to 11:00, the Diversity Office is holding an online meeting where single parents can exchanage experiences. If you are interested, please get in touch via
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Guidelines accessible online education
Leiden University has switched in next to no time to online education, thanks to the efforts of all those involved. But, is online education accessible for students with a functional disability? The Diversity Office has developed a set of guidelines for accessible and inclusive education. You can find the guidelines on the remote teaching webpage.
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Collaboration with Black Leadership Programme
Many of the activities of the Diversity Office have not been able to take place, one of which is an exchange under the Black Leadership Programme of Nottingham Trent University. However, something positive has come out of this. In cooperation with  ECHO and the Afro Student Association, regular online meetings now take place where students can exchange information and experiences about representation, inclusiveness and authentic leadership. Anyone who is interested can get in touch via
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Comenius subsidy for Suzanne Mol
University lecturer Suzanne Mol recently received a Comenius subsidy for her research on accessible education. Suzanne: ‘Good education is not necessarily the same as accessible education. If we as an institution make our learning environment more accessible, we offer all students equal chances, irrespective of their background or any functional disability they may have.’
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