Diversity & Inclusion
  Number 17, February 2021
Diversity and Inclusion Symposium 2021:  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Sciences and Beyond
We look back at a valuable symposium where we came together online with over 500 participants to consider our past, present and future as an inclusive and diverse university community.

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Accessibility, online and offline
Column by Aya Ezawa, Diversity Officer Leiden University

Now the majority of our activities are online, the accessibility of our online environments gives cause for concern. There are many ways to make our buildings and online environments more accessible and thus create an inclusive work and study environment.

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What is in a word?
Words. We use them to communicate, express and relate to each other. It might seem self- evident, but how often do we take a moment to assess the words we use, their origin and meaning? Not the meaning found in the dictionary, but their histories of use and the worldviews they represent.
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3 March: Inclusivity Pathway Training - Work conference
An inclusive learning environment forms the basis of a university environment in which all students can thrive. The Inclusivity Pathway training programme is an effective way to create an inclusive learning environment.
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Taster session  Implicit Bias 
Have you come away from the Diversity Symposium feeling as though your study group or work unit might benefit from a diversity and inclusion workshop?

Join the taster session of the Implicit Bias training programme on 1 March.
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