Diversity & Inclusion
  Number 19, September 2021
Not Rich at Leiden University: Coming Down from the Ivory Tower
Not all students have enough money to buy books, go out or don a smart suit for an internship. How do we make sure that people’s financial situation isn’t an obstacle to their studies or student life? In her article Deniz Rana Kuseyri, one of the initiators of Not Rich at Leiden University, describes how the initiative began and how it is essential that social inclusion is given more attention in our university community.
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Mosaic 2.0
Apply for a PhD scholarship for a candidate with a migration background
Mosaic 2.0 is a PhD scholarship programme of NWO aimed at graduates with a migration background. The procedure consists of a pre-proposal and a full proposal. Any research topic can be eligible. For more information see the NWO website. Leiden University staff can go to the information page on the University's staff website.
Inclusive language and spaces
Aya Ezawa, Diversity Officer van de Universiteit Leiden

Space is an important indicator of your own place in the campus community. To be unable to access buildings, facilities such as the library, cafeteria, bathrooms and classrooms means a lack of inclusion – it makes it hard to feel as a valued member of the community. Even if spaces are accessible, having to use the ‘back door’ instead of the front door like everyone else makes it difficult to feel like an equal member of the campus community.

These columns are published on the Leiden Inclusion Blog.
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ECHO Award 2021: drie nominaties vanuit de Universiteit Leiden
The ECHO expertise centre presents the annual ECHO Award, a prize for excellent and talented students in higher education who have a migration or refugee background. This year Leiden University has been given the chance to nominate three candidates:

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Pioneers of Leiden University
What was it like to be a first-generation student?
In Pioneers of Leiden University Mohammed El Baroudi (1995) interviews (former) students who were the first in there family to go to university.
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