Diversity & Inclusion
  Number 20, December 2021
D&I-Symposium | Inclusivity with Law: what does it mean to look at diversity and inclusion from a legal perspective?
Join us on 13 January 2022 for the annual D&I symposium, where students and staff reflect together on diversity and inclusion: where are we now and what do we want to achieve? There will be various workshops and discussion panels on topics such as bystander intervention, experiences with exclusion, and target group-specific recruitment and selection. In her keynote speech, Ashley Terlouw talks about equality, diversity and the university.
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Equality as a driver for diversity: 'Seek contradiction and the strange'
At the annual D&I symposium, Professor of Sociology of Law Ashley Terlouw discusses the gap between the freedom to be who you are, which is protected by the first article of the Dutch Constitution, and everyday practice.
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Gender diversity and intersectionality
Column Aya Ezawa, Diversity Officer van de Universiteit Leiden
Starting in 2022, Horizon Europe requires that institutions whose researchers apply for grants have a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in place. Leiden's GEP draws from our existing Diversity and Inclusion workplan. Leiden University has the ambition to increase the share of female professors to 35 percent by 2025. What can we learn from gender policy – and how can an intersectional approach help sharpen D&I policy?
These columns are published on the Leiden Inclusion Blog.
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Students Ruşen and Rana fight for diversity in higher education
Two Leiden students stand a chance of winning the ECHO Award for Higher Education. Rana Kuseyri and Ruşen Koç are two of the six finalists for this annual national prize that is awarded to students who promote diversity and inclusion in their own discipline.
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