Diversity & Inclusion
  Number 22, November 2022
University diversity policy is alive and kicking: ‘We need to acknowledge each other’s experiences’
Leiden University has had a diversity policy since 2014. The aim is to create a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment for all students and staff. Diversity Officer Aya Ezawa updates us on the process and the results. It’s now 2022, what has already changed?
This newsletter is to inform you of developments, activities and initiatives at our University that relate to diversity and inclusion.

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New overview of all-gender toilets
The Leiden University D&I Expertise Office is collaborating with the Real Estate division and the faculties in the realisation of all-gender toilets. These can be used by anyone, regardless of gender identity, expression and other personal characteristics. Click here for a list of completed all-gender toilets. This will be updated as more toilets are completed.
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ECHO Awards 2022: our nominees and finalist
Three students from Leiden University were nominated for the ECHO Award 2023, a price for excellent talent in vocational and academic education: Chiraz Hassoumi, Hawra Nissi and Talisha Schilder. Talisha Schilder has been selected as a finalist for this annual national prize that is awarded to students who promote diversity and inclusion in their (academic) work.
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In the area of HRM issues, Leiden University’s aim is to use recruitment & selection methods designed to minimise the risk of implicit bias, of which several kinds can be distinguished. The HRM toolkit Inclusive recruitment and selection offers a large amount of information and tips.
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