Diversity & Inclusiveness

Number 8, November 2018

Symposium Why community is key
Why Community is key is the title of the annual Diversity and inclusiveness symposium to be held on 13 November in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden. Everyone is welcome to come and talk about how we can build a community where everyone feels welcome, at home and safe.   

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Polarisation solves absolutely nothing

Column by Diversity Officer Isabel Hoving

Here at the Diversity Office we read quite some newspapers, and we’re on Twitter and other social media as well. Altogether, what we see and read there isn’t very uplifting: #MeToo, Trump, climate, Jemen, Brazil… In face of all that violence and all that polarisation we tend to feel powerless.

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Diversity and inclusiveness policy assessed

Before the summer, an external committee was asked by the Executive Board to review the University’s diversity and inclusiveness policy. The committee’s report represents a positive evaluation and makes some valuable recommendations for future policy. More news on this subject at the Diversity symposium on 13 November.

Active Bystander workshop

How can you avoid becoming anxious and paralysed in difficult situations? How  do you stop or interrupt exclusive behaviour and subconscious prejudices? In the hour-long, English-language ‘Active Bystander’ workshop, trainer Scott Solder will give you some tips on how to combat exclusion and other anti-social behaviour.

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Lecture series on Human Perspectives: explore your identity

In the free lecture series on Human Perspectives, the Diversity Policy sounding board group and Studium Generale will introduce you to a variety of voices and a wealth of perspectives. The first lecture, From Potato to Sushi, is on 13 December and looks at how particular dishes and eating habits have been adopted from abroad.

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LGBT+ Network: a platform for the like-minded

Leiden University has a new platform. On 19 September Vice-Rector Hester Bijl officially launched the LGBT+ Network.

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The Feminist Evolution Leiden

FEL, the Feminist Evolution Leiden platform, was successfully launched on 28 September in Old School Leiden. Take a look on their website or their Facebook page for more information and new events!

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Refugee students work on their future in Leiden
In the Preparatory Year Leiden - an initiative by Leiden University and University of Applied Sciences Leiden - refugee students are trained for their dream study at an academic university or a university of applied sciences. In this video, a number of students talk about their experiences.

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8 November - Course Intercultural communication
13 November - Symposium Why community is key
15 November - Physics and Astronomy Ladies' Day
16 November - Informatics Ladies' Day
27 November and 6 December - Workshops Active Bystander
12 December - Pump your Career: career event for women in science
13 December - Lecture From Potato to Sushi
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