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  20 June 2022
Spinoza Prize for astrophysicist Ignas Snellen
Ignas Snellen has been awarded the highest academic honour in the Netherlands for his pioneering work.
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ESOF ‘Art Exploring Science’ session will connect art and science
At the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), Robert Zwijnenberg, Emeritus Professor of Art and Science Interactions, will call for more collaboration between art and science.
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Citizen Science
How do European Muslims see their future?
Professor of Islam and the West Maurits Berger wants to use citizen science to answer this question.
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Striking similarities in how humans and other primates search for food
In Artis Zoo and the rainforest Karline Janmaat is researching how humans and primates adapt to an environment in their search for food.
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Coming events
Climate activist Aniek Moonen: 'At 24, I can already make a huge impact'
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Master’s students conduct research into a sustainable Leiden
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European City of Science Leiden2022
Exhibition shows the ‘beauty and power’ of mathematics
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