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  19 May 2022
First photo of black hole at the heart of our Galaxy
Astronomers have revealed the first-ever photo of a black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. Leiden professor Huib Jan van Langevelde is the director of the global collaboration that made this possible, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).
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Violations of law during armed conflicts should be investigated – also by Russia
The chance that it will do so is about zero, but under international humanitarian law Russia is legally obliged to investigate violations of law during the war in Ukraine.
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‘Homo sapiens is too arrogant: call us Homo faber, the toolmaker’
We need to dispel the arrogant and misguided idea that modern humans are superior to earlier human species. This is what Professor Marie Soressi will argue in her inaugural lecture.
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Second World War victims commemorated in Hour of Remembrance
On 4 May, Leiden University remembered the victims of the Second World War from our university community.
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Coming events
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LERU conference in Leiden: ‘Universities steer society through storms’
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How do we stop homophobia at sports clubs?
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European City of Science Leiden2022
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Tineke Schutte, our first female beadle, makes her debut
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