Most Popular Blogs of 2018

Who will be the winner off the Leiden Psychology Blog Award 2018? These are the nominated blogs...
Tempted to skip your workout today? - Bianca Westhoff

When you’re super busy, or tired after a long day at work, is the first thing you cross off your schedule your workout? (“I’ll hit the gym tomorrow instead, I promise!”). Well, that’s exactly what you should not be doing…

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Party-drug use among students: Why (not) everyone is doing it. - Laura Kunst & Winifred Gebhardt

Media reports suggest that party-drug use is becoming increasingly normal among young adults. Is this true for students? And what characterizes students who start and continue to use party-drugs?

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How difficult is language learning? And to explain it? - Fenna Poletiek

Language is a vertiginously complex symbolic system, and yet humans all learn it, effortlessly, within a remarkably short period of time. How do they do this?

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When doing the right thing is… annoying? -  Stephanie Esajas

Michael Jackson already sang it: If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change. But do be warned: people don’t always find morally motivated ‘do-gooders’ inspiring, but rather annoying!

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