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Exemplar olim Const. Hugenii. (Bibliotheca Meermanniana.1824, p.308)


Books from the library of Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687)

Books owned by Constantijn Huygens can be recognized by his motto / ex-libris marking "Constanter" on the title page. The smaller part of his library, that in total counted approximately 8.000 books, was sold in the 1688 auction after he had died. The remainder of his library was distributed among his eldest sons and parts of it were sold in the 1695 auction soon after Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) had died and in the 1701 auction some years after the death of Constantijn Huygens jr. (1628-1697).
Book ownership combined with a date of acquisition can provide some insight in the development of the library over time. The notes added by Constantijn Huygens to the ex-libris also clarify whether a book was received as a gift or was purchased.
Between 1.500 and 2.000 of Constantijn Huygens' books also became part of the library of Christiaan Huygens. This should caution anyone to draw rash conclusions based solely on the sale catalogue of Christiaan Huygens' library. As is already suggested by others, combining the three library sale catalogues may provide a better insight into the Bibliotheca Zuylichemiana
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Since 2009 about 50 titles have been added to the Constanter collection that was started by Dr Ad Leerintveld, (retired curator Royal Library, Den Haag) which would have brought the total near to 200 but for a change in 'counting'. It appeared that multi-title volumes (convolutes) had been treated inconsistently. Convolutes of which only the first title bears a Constanter ex-libris are each assigned one number with an additional lowercase letter (a..z) to indicate the different titles within a convolute. This results in a new total of (68 old + new) Constanter entries. Small changes haven been implemented in the presentation, but the overal 'look and feel' has been preserved. Additions after Leerintveld (1998) have a number starting with N. Several issues have still to be decided upon: In the wake of the increasing amount of 'Constanters' new information on books of Huygens' father and of his sons is retrieved.
Hunting for "Constanter"-s is not a one-man job and they were discovered by both specialists and amateurs. Any lead to or information about a book containing the Constanter ex-libris is highly appreciated.
To better convey the latest developments of this page a color coding scheme was adopted, that is explained in the following table.
An item that is stable and has not recently undergone an update.
An item that was recently added.
An item that was recently updated. This may involve adding an image or a substantial addition or correction of information.
An item that was formerly considered a Constanter, but at the moment is under investigation. This will eventually result in either its removal or reinstatement.
# author title place year 1688 1695 1701 notes location signature
N139 De naerdere unie in ... fullArnhem1651Constanter 1651!
N160 Discours merveilleux... full, pic.Paris1649mi12:082fullStifts- och landsbiblioteket i SkaraEkeblad Deposition!
N049 Divers Plaidoyez tou... full, pic.Paris1665mi04:067fullHannover fullGf - A 1159!
N172 Florilegium diuersor... fullVenice150308.0696Oxford fullAE.8.3!
N159 Histoire de la vie d... full, pic.Stockholm1677mi12:321Constanter 1677Uppsala fullLeufsta 40.2!
N027 In anniversarium Hen... full, pic.La Fleche1611mi12:0707(?)Constanter 1640Den Haag full766 G 23 
28c Korte Aen-vvijsinge ... fullAlkmaar1641Hannover fullT-A 2317!
N151 La Bibbia : Cioè... full, pic.Tournes1607mi04:086fullUniversitätsbibliothek RostockFb-1125!
28d Responsa Prudentum A... fullLeiden1641Hannover fullT-A 2317!
51 Spelen van sinne …... fullAntwerpen1562mi04:294Constanter 1670Louvain fullA56395!
52 Spelen van sinne bij... full, pic.1539mi04:53804:1261fullDen Haag full134 C 55 
N066 Testamento Nuevo, pic.London1596mi12:123508:0010fullBaltimore fullBS2199 1569!
58 Thesaurus Theutonica... fullAntwerpen1573mi04:003Constanter 1643!
N019e Vertoogh van het rec... fullMiddelburg1655Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.5 
68 Wetten en statuten v... full, pic.Leiden1631th04:023fullVoorburg full 
N074Accolti, PietroLo inganno de gl’... fullFlorence1625mi02:133fullOxford fullGreat Lib. Gallery, ww.infra 1.11!
N123Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius (A... von Nettesheim)Paradoxe Sur L’... full, pic.S.l.1617mi12:274mi12:0452;0669Constanter 1637München fullH.lit.u. 29 s!
N025Albizzi, AntonioPrincipium christian... full, pic.Straatsburg162702:1149 fullDublin fullFagel 8357 S.4. 23 
N103Amico, BernardinoTrattato delle Piant... fullFlorence162002:*1288Constanter 1634!
N114Ammianus, MarcellinusRerum gestarum, pic.Paris1636mi04:444; 58204:0819Constanter 1636Harvard fullKF 23360!
N012Androuet, JacquesLe premier [et secon... full, pic.Paris1576mi02:201(?)fullDublin fullFagel 6301 K. 2 .27. 
29Antoninus, AugustusItinerarium Provinci... full, pic.Lyon15xxConstanter 1650Leiden full690 E 4 
N173Apollinaris, Caius SolliusCaii Sollii Apollina... full, pic.Hanau1617mi08:418mi08:052fullGroningen fulluklu ’GA A 168!
N009Appianus AlexandrinusRomanorum historiarumParis1551mi02:020Constanter 1642!
N168Argentre, V. C. B. d’Commentarii in consu... full, pic.Paris1640Constanter 1651Gent full!
N146Aristoteles,De Mundo, pic.Leiden1591mi08:120ConstanterAmsterdam fullOTM O 62-1405!
N050Aspley, JohnSpeculum nauticum: a... full, pic.London1624ma04:183fullHannover fullN-A 68!
1Bacon, FrancisDe proefstukken …... full, pic.Leiden1646mi04:464fullAmsterdam fullOTM: O 60-362!
N111Bacon, FrancisResuscitatio, or, Br... full, pic.London165702:0774Constanter 1660Princeton full17th-701!
N127Bacon, FrancisSermones fideles, pic.Leiden1641mi02:089;894Constanter 1641Den Haag full224 E 7!
N081Baldi, BernardinoIn Mechanica Aristot... full, pic.Moguntiae1621ma04:11304:0691fullLeiden full1402 D 1!
N102Barksdale, CMonumenta Litteraria... full, pic.London1640mi04:505Constanter 1643Paris fullOB-H.V.7!
N051Barlow, WilliamMagneticall Advertisements, pic.London1616ma04:183fullHannover fullN-A 68!
N037Bartholin, ThomasDe Armillis veterum schedion, pic.Amsterdam167612:0961Constanter 1676Voorburg full 
N052Beaufort, Jean deLe Tresor Des Tresor... full, pic.S.l.1615mi08:178ConstanterHannover fullGf-A 105!
N038Bellarminus, robertusGrammatica Hebraica, pic.Antwerpen1606mi08:453Constanter 1643Amsterdam fullXZ.00374!
N141Bellenden, WDe tribus luminibus Romanorum, pic.Paris1634mi02:220fullVienna full55.E.9!
N003Bona, GiovanniDe divina psalmodia ... fullParis1663full!
N166Bor, PieterNederlantsche oorlog... full, pic.Amst./ Leyden1621fullPrivate collection!
3Borelli, Giovanni AlfonsoTheoricae mediceorvm... full, pic.Florence1666ma04:077fullHannover fullNm-A 104!
N135Boxhorn, M.Z. vanHistoria obsidionis ... fullLeiden1640mi02:251Constanter 1640!
N109Brathwayt, RichardEssaies vpon the fiu... fullLondon1620th12:005full!
N017Brerewood, EdwardEnquiries touching t... full, pic.London1622fullDublin fullFagel 4 D.9.23. 
N031Briggs, WilliamOphthalmo-Graphia, pic.Leiden1686mi12:015912:0204Constanter 1687Private collection!
N010Brooke, RalphA Catalogue and succ... full, pic.London161902:0718fullDen Haag full2218 A 10 
N028Browne, AlexanderArs pictoria or an a... full, pic.London166902:0565 fullGöttingen full4 ART PLAST VII, 7965!
4Brune, Johan deBanketwerk van goede... full, pic.Middelburg165708:1115fullDen Haag full12 G 27 
N154aBruno, HEclogae, ofte Harder... fullHoorn1658Constanter!
N154bBruno, HWapentwist van Ajax ... fullHoorn1659!
N029Burton, WilliamA commentary on Anto... full, pic.London1658mi02:280fullParis fullOB-F.III.2!
28bCalckman, Jan JansenAntidotvm, Tegen-gif... fullDen Haag1641Hannover fullT-A 2317!
26Carpentier, Roeland de [ed]Historie van het Lev... full, pic.Rotterdam1648dl II, p. 146, 4o kfullVoorburg full!
N134Castelein, Matthijs deDe const van rhetoriken, pic.Gent1571mi08:147;443Constanter 1654Utrecht fullZ oct 1848 (Rariora)!
N096Celsus, Aulus CorneliusAurelij Cornelij Cel... full, pic.Leiden1592mi12:0133Constanter 1639London full541.c.6.!
N097Chambre, Marin Cureau de la Nouuelles coniecture... full, pic.Paris1636mi04:123fullLondon full549.f.6.!
5Chappuzeau, SamuelThe History of Jewels, pic.London1671fullDen Haag full895 J 8 
N002Charas, MoyseHistoire naturelle d... full, pic.Paris1668mi12:131mi12:0283Constanter 1670Bethesda full2324047R!
N053Childrey, JoshuaBritannia Baconica: ... full, pic.London1661mi08:252fullHannover fullN-A 325!
N016Coens, PetrusDisquisitio historic... full, pic.Luik162908:1387Constanter 1666Dublin fullFagel 737 W.10.63. 
N020Coloma, CarlosLas Guerras de los E... full, pic.Amberes162404:1067 ConstanterDublin fullFagel 6871 T.10.57 
7Conestaggio, Girolamo Franchi diRime, pic.Amsterdam1619mi04:265fullAmsterdam fullOTM: O 60-4505 
N024Coornhert, Dirck VolckertszoonEpitome processus de... full, pic.Gouda159208:0086Constanter 1627Dublin fullFagel D.10.17 
N130Dante, (Dante Alighieri)Divina commedia, pic.Venice1596mi02:059Constanter 1650University of Pennsylvania fullFolio IC D2352.9 1596!
N054aDesargues, GirardExemple de ùne des manières universe... fullParis1636ma02:024fullHannover fullCim 1/5006!
9Donne, JohnLetters to severall ... fullLondon1651mi04:238Constanter 1651Birmingham ULrPR 2247 L4!
39bDou, JP, Eversdyck, CF, Nispen, M vanTractaet van de Roed... fullDordrecht1664Leiden full1370 F 28:2!
33Dousa, TheodorusLusus imaginis jocos... full, pic.Utrecht1638mi08:002fullDen Haag full762 K 2 
N004Dubreuil, JeanLa perspective prati... full, pic.Paris1651ma04:009fullVoorburg full!
N152Emmius, URerum Frisicarum his... fullLeiden1616mi02:02202:1069Constanter 1648!
N145bErasmus, DesideriusCiceronianusLeiden1643!
N125Erasmus, DesideriusDe utraque verborum ... fullBratislava1658mi12:108Constanter?!
N145aErasmus, DesideriusDialogus de recta la... fullLeiden1643Constanter!
N007Erasmus, DesideriusEnnaratio in psalmum …Leiden1644ConstanterBrussels full 
12Erasmus, DesideriusExplicatio in symbol... fullLeiden1641fullBrussels fullV.H. 1674 A 5-7 L.P. 
15Erasmus, DesideriusFlores (1645) / Lingua (1649)Leiden1645fullBrussels fullV.H. 13.244 A 1-2 L.P. 
13Erasmus, DesideriusInstitutio principis... fullLeiden1641fullBrussels fullV.H. 1674 A 8-11 L.P. 
N104Erasmus, DesideriusLiber de conscribend... fullLeiden1645mi12:0124fullBrussels fullLP 16.382 A!
11Erasmus, DesideriusModus orandi deum (1... fullLeiden1641fullBrussels fullV.H. 1674 A 1-4 L.P. 
14Erasmus, DesideriusMoriæ encomivmLeiden1648fullBrussels fullV.H. 12.721 A L.P. 
N019gEssenius, AndreasVerdediging van ’... fullUtrecht1659Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.7 
N076Etereo, ArdenteTesoro delle gioie, pic.Milan1619mi12:202fullLondon full446.a.19.!
N161Everaerts, GDe herba panacea qua... full, pic.Utrecht1644mi12:431Constanter 1667Private collection!
N005Fabri, Honoré Tractatus physicus d... full, pic.Lyon1646ma04:050fullGöttingen full8 PHYS II, 904!
16Fabricius, VincentiusPoemataAmsterdam1638mi12:005fullAmsterdam fullOTM: OK 62-6934 
N122Figrelius, EdmundDe Statuis Illustriu... full, pic.Holmiæ1656mi08:03008:1583Constanter 1673Göttingen full8 ARCH III, 118 (1)!
N156Finella, FilippoDe metroposcopia seu... full, pic.Naples1648Constanter 1651Erlangen UBH61/TREW.Ix 400/405!
N158Focanus, JAdoni-Beseck Of Lex ... full, pic.Delft1629mi04:200fullMünster fullRara 1E 787.!
N033Fréart de Chambray, Roland Parallele de árchitecture antique et de la mode... fullParis1650ma02:020Constanter 1650Berlin fullX-Cha-201c-250 rara!
N112Gayton, EdmundPleasant notes upon ... full, pic.London1654mi02:283fullPrinceton full(Exov) 3170.686!
N008Gesner, ConradPandectarum sive Par... full, pic.Zurich154802:0156full!
19Giustiniano, PompeoDelle guerre di Fian... full, pic.Antwerpen1609Constanter 1638Leiden full1407 C 10 
N055Glanvill, JosephPhilosophia pia, pic.London1671mi08:256fullHannover fullT-A 2452!
N082Godeau, AntoineParaphrase des Pseau... fullParis1659mi12:0268; 0366; 1034Constanter!
17Goes, Antonides van derIjstroom, pic.Amsterdam1671mi04:094 bisfullDen Haag full28 K 25!
18Goes, Antonides van derIjstroom, pic.Amsterdam1671mi04:094 bisfullDen Haag fullKP 8!
N084Goncalez de Salas, JADe duplici viventiumLeiden165004:0609Constanter 1682Dublin full!
N083Graaf, Abraham deDe Starre-Kunst, pic.Amsterdam1659ma04:126 Constanter 1660Amsterdam full!
N014Gramond, Gabriel-BartholoméHistoriarum Galliae ... full, pic.Toulouse1643mi02:292Constanter 1650Dublin fullFagel 5903 R. 6. 9. 
N115Graswinckel, TheodoorDissertatio de jure ... full, pic.Leiden1644ju08:03308:1061fullDen Haag full343 G 17!
N068Graswinckel, TheodoorLa Souverainete de l... full164702:0858full!
N078Gronovius, Johannes FredericusAllocutio ad Cosmum ... fullLeiden1668mi02:229fullLondon full835.m.16.!
23Grotius, GuillielmusIsagoge ad praxin fo... full, pic.Amsterdam1655ju04:06604:0281fullDen Haag full564 A 22 
N121aGrotius, HugoCommentatio ad Loca ... full, pic.Amsterdam1640th08:025; 17404.0281fullHannover fullT-A 2572!
21Grotius, HugoDe mari libero, pic.Leiden1633mi12:012012:0614fullAmsterdam fullOTM OK 63-1099??? of andere!
22Grotius, HugoDe Veritate Religion... full, pic.Leiden1640th12:063; 106mi12:0047; 051112:0028Constanter 1645Voorburg full 
N121eGrotius, HugoDissertatio De Coena... full1639Hannover fullT-A 2572!
N121dGrotius, HugoExplicatio Decalogi ... fullAmsterdam1640Hannover fullT-A 2572!
N121cGrotius, HugoExplicatio trium uti... fullAmsterdam1640Hannover fullT-A 2572!
20Grotius, HugoOpera omnia theologica, pic.Amsterdam167902:0097Constanter 1687Voorburg full 
N043Grotius, HugoPhilosophorum senten... full, pic.Amsterdam1648fullDen Haag fullKW GW A 106611!
N167Grotius, HugoVoor de waerheyt des... full, pic.Haarlem1667fullDen Haag fullKW 2205 E 25!
N149Gruterus, PetrusP. Gruteri epistolar... full, pic.Amsterdam1629mi08:526fullLondon fullGeneral Reference Collection 1084.k.10.!
N132Guiran, Gaillard deExplicatio duorum ve... full, pic.Orange165704:1547fullDen Haag full139 C 020!
N070Harvey, GideonArchelogia philosoph... full, pic.London1663mi04:119fullOxford fullTunnel, FF.g.470 copy 1!
24Harvey, williamExercitatio anatomic... full, pic.Frankfurt1628mi04:149Constanter 1630San Francisco full!
N075Heinsius, DanielLaus asiniLeiden162304:0962fullOxford fullGreat Lib. Gallery, c.9.8!
25Heinsius, DanielOrationem editio nov... fullAmsterdam1657mi12:389mi12:0012Constanter 1666Amsterdam fullOTM OK 80-872 
N105Heinsius, NicolaasPoematum nova edit. auctiorAmsterdam1666mi08:144; 27808:1309Constanter 1666!
N137Herbert, EDe veritate prout di... fullLondon1633Constanter?!
N133Herigone, PierreCursus mathematicus,... full, pic.Paris1634mi08:647ma08:01808:0598Constanter 1640Deventer full5 J 28!
N121bHoard, SamuelDe Absolvto Reprobat... fullAmsterdam1640Hannover fullT-A 2572!
N030Hobbes, ThomasLeviathan, pic.London1651mi02:133lib. Prohib.fol.afullNew York fullPML 066328!
N088Holbein, HansThe Images Of The Ol... fullLyon154908:0015full!
27Hooft, Pieter CorneliszWerckenAmsterdam167102:0815full!
N170Hooft, Pieter CorneliszoonP. C. Hoofts Neederl... full, pic.Amsterdam1642fullYale University fullBEIN 2013 +639!
N171Hooft, Pieter CorneliszoonP.C. Hoofts Vervolgh... full, pic.Amsterdam1654fullYale University fullBEIN 2013 +640!
N107Houwaert, JBDeclaratie van die t... fullAntwerpen1579mi04:052full!
28aHuygens, ConstantijnGebruyck of ongebruy... full, pic.Leiden1641mi12:0422ConstanterHannover fullT-A 2317!
N129Imperiali, GMusaeum historicum e... full, pic.Venice164004:1005Constanter 1650Princeton fullitem 6475631!
N034Jansenius, CorneliusAugustinus, pic.Leuven 1640th02:035Constanter 1642Delft full!
30Japix, GysbertFriesche Rymlerye, pic.Bolsward1668fullLeeuwarden full3712 TL!
N162Johnson, EdwardA History of New-England, pic.London165404:1133fullGöttingen full!
31Jonson, BenExecration against VulcanLondon1640mi04:187Constanter 1640!
N131Justinianus, D.Institutiones Justin... full, pic.Amsterdam1654ju12:018?mi12:116?Constanter 1658Den Haag full008 K 003!
N119Justinus, Marcus JunianusJustinus cum notis s... full, pic.Amsterdam166908:0825fullParis fullOB-H.I.20!
N126Kestler, J.S.Physiologia Kircheri... fullAmsterdam1680ma02:00602:1248Constanter 1680!
N035Kircher, AnastasiusMusurgia universalis... full, pic.Rome1650ma02:04102:1252 fullAntwerpen fullH 11773!
N054bLa Brosse, Guy deEclaircissements d’... fullParis1637Hannover fullCim 1/5006!
N069La Fontaine, M. deLa geometrie uniuerselleParis1666mi08:599Constanter 1669Oxford fullGreat Lib. Gallery, ww.9.13(1)!
N169Lauremberg, JohannGromatica: libri tres, pic.Kopenhagen1640Constanter 1640München fullma P 194!
32Lipsius, JustusEpistolica institutio, pic.Leiden1591ConstanterDen Haag fullA f 120 
6Lodewijcksz, WilhelmHistoire de la navig... fullAmsterdam1598 of 1609mi02:037Constanter!
N148Magijrus, AbrahamAlmanachs HeiligenAmsterdam1680Constanter 1681!
34Marchant, Jacobus.Flandria commentario... full, pic.Antwerpen159608:1381ConstanterPrivate collection!
N019fMaresius, SamuelDe canonicis ultraie... fullGroningen166004:0175Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.6 
N015Maresius, SamuelJudicium et responsu... full, pic.Groningen165704:0178Constanter 1674Dublin fullFagel 1202 T. 2. 40. 
N120Maresius, SamuelLa chandelle mise so... fullMaastricht1635fullOxford full(OC) 130 g.44!
N056Marinello, GiovanniGli ornamenti dell d... full, pic.Venice1562mi08:227fullHannover fullP-A 1018!
N064Markham, GervaseA way to get wealth, pic.London1660mi04:236fullHannover fullOb-A 364!
N057Markham, GervaseThe English husbandman, pic.London1635mi04:240Constanter 1647Hannover fullOb-A 217!
62Maro, Vergilius PubliusOpera, pic.Leiden163612:*0269Constanter 1636Private collection!
N128Marolles, M de[Discours pour servi... full, pic.Paris167804:0216Constanter 1679Cambridgeshire fullNational Trust Inventory Number 3106586!
35Marot, ClementL’AdolescenceParis1534mi12:17408:1189full!
N144Mekerchus, ADe veteri et recta p... fullAntwerpen1576Constanter 1640!
36Melton, EduwardEngelsch Edelmans Ze... full, pic.Amsterdam1681mi04:306mi04:024fullLeiden full1366 C 18 
N085Menage, GillesLe Origini della Lin... fullGeneva168502:0751Constanter 1686Dublin full!
37Mercier, NicolasDe conscribendo epigrammateParis1653mi08:010Constanter 1657Private collection!
38Meursius, JoannesAthenae Batavae, pic.Leiden1625mi04:135fullDen Haag full3079 A 10!
N157Milton, JEikonoklastes in Ans... fullLondon1649Constanter 1652!
N022Miraeus, AubertusRerum Belgicarum chroniconAntwerpen1636mi02:084Constanter 1636Dublin fullFagel 6820 U.7.47 
N124Montanus, ArnoldusAuriaco-Nassovia Domus, pic.Amsterdam1663mi12:360fullMünchen fullBelg. 189!
N113Mornay, Philippe deMémoires de messire Philippes de Mor... full, pic.Amsterdam1652mi04:011; 487Constanter 1652Gent fullBIB.HER.002416!
N100Moyne, Pierre LeDevises Heroiques et Morales164904:1279Constanter!
N048Mun, T[homas]A discourse of trade... fullLondon1621full!
N142Muxet-de-Solis, DComedias humanas y d... full, pic.Brussels1624mi04:371fullBarcelona fullSig. 59117.!
N176Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Marchioness ofPhilosophical and ph... full, pic.London1663mi02:169fullHannover fullN-A 7076!
N118Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Marchioness ofThe Worlds Olio, pic.London1655mi02:271fullPrinceton full17th-753!
39aNispen, Matheus vanDe beknopte Lantmeetkonst, pic.Dordrecht166908:0638Constanter 1674Leiden full1370 F 28:1 
N073Orsato, SertorioMonumenta Patauina /... fullPadua1652mi02:10302:1130fullOxford fullStack, LDE 88!
N021Panormita, AntoniusDe dictis et factis ... full, pic.Rostoch158904:1087Constanter 1650Dublin fullFagel 5636 TT.5.1!
N001Parran, AntoineTraité de la musique th... full, pic.Paris1639ma04:068full!
N092Patrici, FrancescoDella Poetica Di Fra... full, pic.Ferrara 1586mi04:034fullHannover fullLc 950!
N101Persius, ASatyres traduit en v... fullParis1650mi12:0388Constanter!
N091Petit, SamuelDiatriba, de Jure Pr... full, pic.Amsterdam164908:1001fullHannover fullT-A 4809!
40Petrarca, FrancescoIl Petrarca con dich... full, pic.Lyon1558mi08:390?8:1349; 12:0796fullLeiden full20643 G 19 
N155bPetronius, Titus ArbiterFragmentum, Ex antiq... fullAmsterdam1671mi08:03408:0799!
N155aPetronius, Titus ArbiterSatyricon. - Cum fra... full, pic.Amsterdam1669mi08:03408:0799Constanter 1673Private collection!
41Petronius, Titus ArbiterSatyricon. Ed. Johan... full, pic.Amsterdam1677mi12:0154?fullPrivate collection!
8Peyrere, Isaac de laApologie, pic.Paris1663ConstanterDen Haag full1117 E 57 
N042Philips, KatherinePoems, pic.London1664mi08:394fullPrivate collection!
N153Piersons, CAntwoorden der Griec... fullGouda1658full!
N106Pise, Gaspar de la Prééminences, prérogatives et dign... fullDen Haag166108:1164Constanter!
N086Pise, Joseph de la Tableau de l’histoire des princes et princip... full, pic.Den Haag163902:0860fullSoesterberg full00112022!
N110Piso, GuilielmusDe Indiae utriusque ... full, pic.Amsterdam165802:0398Constanter 1658Princeton fullEx 8607.723q!
43Poirters, AdriaanHet masker van de we... full, pic.Antwerpen1646mi04:432Constanter 1646Leiden full1366 C 22 
N023Post, PieterBegraeffenisse van s... full, pic.Amsterdam1651mi02:034fullDublin fullFagel I.2.16. 
N058Powell, ThomasHumane industry: or,... full, pic.London1661ma08:056fullHannover fullP-A 801!
10Prat, duLe portrait du Mares... full, pic.Paris1664mi12:0938fullVoorburg full!
N098Puteanus, EryciusAuspicia Bibliotheca... full, pic.Leuven 1639mi04:204fullLondon full619.c.30.(3.)!
N117Puteanus, EryciusDe S. Flavia Domitil... full, pic.Leuven 1629mi04:266fullLondon full1199.h.2.(5.)!
N036Puteanus, EryciusHistoriae Belgicae l... full, pic.Antwerpen1636fullVoorburg full 
45Quintijn, Gilles JacobsOraeniens Grols-gewin, pic.Haarlem1627mi12:231fullPrivate collection!
44Quintilianus, Marcus Fabiusinstitutionum orator... fullBasel1529fullLeiden full1402 B 19 
N041Raleigh, WalterThe Cabinet-Council ... full, pic.London1658Constanter 1660Private collection!
N019bRegneri ab Oosterga, Cyprianus (1614-1687)Sedich ondersoeck va... fullLeiden1655Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.2!
46Revius, JacobusDe CL Psalmen Davids, pic.Deventer1640th12:010fullUtrecht full5 J 25 
N079Ripa, CesareNova iconologiaPadua1618fullLondon full!
N095Roberval, Gilles Personne deAristarchi Sami [or ... full, pic.Paris164412:0735fullLondon full536.a.14.!
N099Rosetti, Giovanni VenturaNotandissimi secreti... full, pic.Vinegia1555fullLondon fullCup.406.g.20.(2.)!
47Rouck, Thomas deDen Nederlandtschen ... fullAmsterdam1645mi02:088Constanter 1647!
N006Rufus, Quintus CurtiusHistoria Alexandri M... full, pic.Amsterdam1664mi08:405Constanter 1673Voorburg full!
N044Saeghman, Gillis JoostenVerscheyde oost-Indi... fullAmsterdam1663mi04:041Constanter 1668!
48Salmasius, modo usurarum liber, pic.Leiden163908:0293fullVoorburg full 
N150Salustius, CCC. Crispi Salvstii L... full, pic.Basel156402:0669fullMünster fullRara RC 327.!
N011Samosatensis, LoukianusOpera, pic.Basel1545ConstanterDen Haag full190 E 7  
N136Sanctius, Fr.Minerva, sive De cau... full, pic.Amsterdam1664mi08:11208:0819fullManchester fullJRL R213847!
N108Sancto Vincentio, Gregorius a Opus geometricum qua... fullAntwerpen1647ma02:02202:0525fullBoston fullBurns British Catholic Author’s Room QA 467 .G82 1647!
N087Savary, JacobusVenationis cervinae ... full, pic.Cadomi1659mi04:042fullHannover fullOb-A 289!
N163Savile, HenryPraelectiones XIII i... full, pic.Oxford162104:0686Constanter 1664Göttingen full!
N147Scarron, PaulLe Virgile travesty ... full, pic.Paris1648mi04:226Constanter 1648London fullGeneral Reference Collection 833.g.14,15.!
N018aScioppius, GConsultatio de causi... full, pic.Augsburg1631th08:10208:0176fullDublin fullFagel 1341-1 II.1.69!
N071Scioppius, GDe rhetoricarum exer... fullAmsterdam1660Constanter 1663Oxford fullSpecial Collections, Oa.5.32(1)!
N018bScioppius, GFundamenta pacis in ... fullAugsburg1631Dublin fullFagel 1341-2 II.1.69 no.2!
N072Scioppius, GGrammatica philosophicaAmsterdam165908:1028Constanter 1669Oxford fullSpecial Collections, Oa.5.31(1)!
N138Scriverius, P.Principes Hollandiae... fullHaarlem1650mi02:001full!
N065Shakespeare, WilliamMr. VVilliam Shakesp... full, pic.London1623mi02:156Constanter 1647Washington fullSTC 22273 Fo.1 no.75!
N174Siebmacher, JohannNeuu Wappenbuch, pic.Nuremberg1605Constanter 1649Rotterdam fullArchief familie Schenkenberg Van Mierop, toegang 5188!
N059Simpson, ChristopherA compendium of prac... full, pic.London1678mi08:586ma08:061Constanter 1680Hannover fullK-A 265!
49Smetius, Johannes sr.Oppidum Batavorum se... fullAmsterdam1645mi04:03804:1165fullLeiden fullN (ST) 3 
N046Smith, Sir ThomasThe commonwealth of ... fullLondon1612mi04:613full!
50Snellius, WillebrordusCyclometricus, de ci... full, pic.Leiden1621mi04:055ma04:115fullLeiden fullBOERH f 11283 
53Soet, Hendrick JacobsOp en Nederganck van... full, pic.Haarlem164712:0540fullVoorburg full 
N140Spanheim, FDe veterum propter m... full, pic.Leiden167308:xxxxxfullDen Haag fullHgst 1363!
N047Stafforde, RobertA geographical and a... fullLondon1618full!
55Stevin, HendrikPlaetboec. Vervangen... full, pic.Leiden1668fullLeiden full1499 A 9 
54Streepen, Lanceloet vanderL’ordonnance faicte par le duc de Br... full, pic.1588fullDen Haag full132 A 18!
56Suetonius, GaiusDe XII caesaribus li... full, pic.Paris1610mi02:233fullLeiden full762 B 7 
57Tacitus, Publius CorneliusLes Annales de TaciteParis1640mi08:026mi08:171Constanter 1640Brussels fullII 11.687 A 
N077Taifel, Giovanni Christoforo BaronIl Viaggio del ... f... full, pic.Vienna1598Constanter 1659London full566.b.7.(1.)!
N089Tasso, TorquatoLa GerusalemmeGeneva161702:1147full!
N040Taylor, JohnAll the works, pic.London1630Constanter 1647Private collection!
N019hTeeckmannus, ArnoldusAdvys ofte bericht [... fullAmsterdam1660Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.8 
N116Tomasi, Tomaso PlacidoLa vita del duca Valentino, pic.Amsterdam1655mi04:335fullCambridgeshire fullNational Trust Inventory Number 3122571!
N060Tristan, L’Hermite.Playdoyers historiqu... full, pic.Paris1643mi08:195fullHannover fullLr 8206!
59Turcq, JustusOtia Hagana, pic.Den Haag1668mi08:17908:1294Constanter 1668Den Haag fullA h 56 
N175Tyrius, MaximusPhilosophi Platonici... full, pic.Leiden1607fullNijmegen fullOD 200 c 244.!
N061Valon, JeanAdjonction aux livre... full, pic.Dijon1646mi08:141Constanter 1651Hannover fullN-A 1381!
N062Vecellio, CesareDe gli habitit antic... full, pic.Venice1590mi08:226Constanter 1636Hannover fullP-A 1583!
60Veen, Otto vanQ. Horatii Flacci Emblemata, pic.Antwerpen1607mi04:15904:1354Constanter 1613Private collection!
61Veer, Gerrit deDiarium nauticum, pic.Amsterdam1598fullDen Haag full1703 A 8:1 
N094Veranzio, FaustoMachinæ nova ... [Engravin... full, pic.Venice1616mi02:226Constanter 1635London full535.l.16!
N032Vere, FrancisThe commentaries, be... full, pic.Cambridge1657mi02:214Constanter 1659Amsterdam fullXL.05172!
N080Vermeulen, GerretDe gedenkwaerdige vo... full, pic.Amsterdam167704:1305Constanter 1679Gent full!
N063Verstegan, RichardA restitution of dec... full, pic.London1634mi04:245Constanter 1650Hannover fullGg-A 878!
N143Videl, LHistoire du connesta... full, pic.Grenoble1649mi08:397fullLausanne fullNo RERO: 1038851!
N067Vieta, FranciscusOpera Mathematica, pic.Leiden1646ma02:055 02:0493Constanter 1646Leeuwarden full42 Wk BB!
N093Villalpando, Juan BautistaIn Ezechielem explan... full, pic.Rome159602:0024Constanter 1637Nijmegen fullZ 13 63, OD a 30!
63Visscher, RoemerBrabbelingAmsterdam1614mi12:350fullLeiden full1371 G 2 
64Visscher, RoemerZinnepoppen, pic.Amsterdam1669mi12:121Constanter 1682Voorburg full!
N019cVoetius, GisbertAenmerkingen op het ... fullAmsterdam1655Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.3 
N019aVoetius, GisbertTheologisch advys ov... full, pic.Amsterdam165304:0217fullDublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.1 
N019dVoetius, GisbertWolcke der Getuygen,... fullUtrecht1656Dublin fullFagel 1393 H.6.30. No.4 
65Vondel, Joost van denPalamedes, pic.Amsterdam1626mi04:188fullParis fullOB-C.III.18!
66Vossius, Gerardus JohannesDe veterum poetarum ... full, pic.Amsterdam1654mi04:04704:0971; 1256Constanter 1654Den Haag full311 J 25 
67Vossius, IsaacDe poematum cantu et... full, pic.Oxford1673mi08:04404:1257fullDen Haag full849 D 6 
42Vulcanius, Bonaventura [ed]Poemata et Effigies ... fullLeiden161208:1288full!
N045cWallis, JohnCommercium Epistolic... fullOxford1658Zürich fullRar 246: 2!
N164Wallis, JohnHobbius Heauton-timo... full, pic.Oxford1662mi08:362Constanter 1667Göttingen full!
N045bWallis, JohnOperum mathematicoru... fullOxford1656Zürich fullRar 246: 2!
N045aWallis, JohnOperum mathematicoru... full, pic.Oxford1657mi04:540mi04:092 (?)fullZürich fullRar 246: 1!
N165Wallius, JacobusIacobi Wallii e Soci... full, pic.Antwerpen165608:1303fullDen Haag fullKW 1788 F 8!
N039Weissenburg, Otfrid vonEvangeliorum liber, pic.Basel1571Constanter 1634Leiden full1498 E 15!
N090Wesembeecke, Jacob vanBeschryvinghe van de... fullBreda1616Constanter!
69Wilkins, JohnA discourse concerni... full, pic.London1640ma08:058Constanter 1654Hannover fullN-A 1469!
N013Wormius, OlausDanicorum monumentor... full, pic.Hannover164302:1332Constanter 1649Dublin fullFagel 8141 S. 7. 67 
N026Zinzano, GabrieleL’arte del segretario politico e fam... full, pic.Turijn1627mi04:55004:1190Constanter 1645Dublin fullFagel 8760 P. 7.36 
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