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6 June 2023
designing your life
Ready for a future as climate changemaker
Getting motivation, courage and tools to find a job that will help you tackle the climate crisis: it is at the heart of the course ‘Designing Your Career as a Climate Changemaker’.
executive board column annetje ottow
Why our collaboration with Indonesia is so important
This month, Annetje Ottow and a group of enthusiastic researchers went on a knowledge mission to Indonesia, visiting different universities and other knowledge institutions.
How polluting buildings and machinery make rich countries ever richer
diversity & inclusion
Help desks switch to inclusive salutation: ‘Times change, and we change with them
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course in the spotlight
Training programme Leading from the middle | Start on 28 September 
tips & tricks
Career Platform: Increase your personal effectiveness at work 
leiden university in the picture
History of crime comes to life
During the honours course ‘Crime and punishment in the Netherlands and Europe – From the Middle Ages to present’, students learn about crime and how it is dealt with, from a historical perspective.
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